Circular Design Thinking Canvases

Circular Design Thinking Canvases

The Circular Design Thinking KIT is a set of 3 canvases and 17 flashcards to design circular business models.

Here you can download the set of canvases for FREE. The complete KIT with 17 patterns in flashcards format is commercialized with a personalized training. Enter to learn more about our modalities.


It is time to design our business models with circular patterns.

Business models shape our economy. For centuries we have operated under the logic of extracting resources by degrading communities and the planet. Everything has been designed by us, human beings and today we are the last generation with the opportunity to redesign our economy to capture value by regenerating life.

With this methodology participants will know the theory and framework of the Circular Economy, and prototype ideas through the principles and patterns of circular design.

The work methodology is structured in 5 stages:

  • INSPIRE: Opening talk with inspiring case studies and global trends on the Circular Economy are presented.
  • ANALYZE: Attendees identify material flows in a linear manner and analyze each of the inputs and outputs (waste) of the system in order to detect opportunities for circularity.
  • DESIGN: Using the RESOLVE principles of the Circular Economy, the 9R’s Framework and other principles of New Economies, the KIT developed by 3Vectores includes 17 Flashcards which are used as "Circular Design Patterns". At this stage participants share concepts and select 4 patterns to design the circularization strategy for the identified opportunities.
  • PROTOTYPE: Having identified opportunities, selected patterns and developed strategies for circularization, participants next design their CIRCULAR BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS, which is how to capture and deliver the circular value proposition.
  • SHARE: Before the workshop closes, attendees share the creative process and their findings. They identify coincidences and experience creative convergence. Before finishing, participants share conclusions and outlines of steps to follow to  implement the circularity in the company.

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